If you are hurt, ICE Patch allows the emergency services access to your vital
information via a QR code. They can immediately establish who you are, who
to call and access any medical information that could help to save your life.

They know it’s accurate and current, because you gave it to them.

ICE Patch allows the Emergency Services to access the relevant information by scanning a QR code.
Free QR readers are available from your devices App Store.

ICE Patch can be scanned without the need to:

  • move the injured person
  • remove their safety helmet
  • search for a locked phone or card identification on their person

ICE Patch can be scanned in the dark, in the wet and without a phone or internet signal.

Worn externally, the ICE Patch is obvious, but it cannot be read from more than a few inches away. So other than in an emergency, it would be almost impossible for it to be read without your knowledge.

Four identical ICE Patches are supplied in each order to allow three
applications and a spare - a set of four ICE Patches costs £10 plus VAT
and postage.